May 25 / Tracy Timm

Podcast: Money Nerds

Clarity, Career Advice, and Life Audits w/ Money Nerds
ft. Tracy Timm

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In this episode we talk about:

  • Tracy’s quarter life crisis while selling stocks and bonds on Wall Street
  • Dealing with societal pressure in our careers
  • Why people tend to choose comfort over happiness
  • How to mentally prepare for making a significant career or life change
  • Using a ‘personal life audit’ and identifying your core values
  • How to get past the “I won’t make as much money” dilemma
  • Taking an entire life perspective on your career choices
  • Why the ‘tolerable job’ is so insidious
  • The power of regret
  • Taking tangible initiative to make the life changes that you dream of
  • Why, on top of initiative, you need clarity about your other options
  • How you will never feel completely ready and getting past that

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