Aug 19 / Tracy Timm

Success Story: Garcy Gets Out of a "Rut" w/ Clarity

"Prior to this program, I felt 'stuck in a rut'. Now, I have so much confidence and I truly cannot thank you enough."
-Garcy B, Atlanta, GA

Today is one of my favorite days as a business owner and clarity specialist-- CELEBRATION day! Please join me in celebrating the successful journey of one of our #thrivist grads, Garcy from Atlanta, GA.

In just 10 weeks, Garcy was able to accomplish a life-changing transformation and go from stuck to unstoppable in her career.
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My favorite moments from the video:
  • 1:25: How an otherwise confident woman go "stuck in a rut"
  • 2:15: How to know when you're "ready" for a change
  • 6:10: How Garcy uncovered (and appreciated) her unique superpowers
  • 7:30: The true value of having a guide to hold you accountable
  • 10:00: The contagious nature of being around people who are thriving
  • 10:30: Garcy sums up her amazing transformation
  • 11:30: How your internal state impacts your external circumstances
  • 13:10: Garcy's advice for ANYONE feeling stuck

"This is one of the best things I've ever been able to do for myself." -Garcy

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