Discover Career Clarity:
Deluxe Program

The "Discover" program is a life-changing, workshop designed by Founder, Tracy Timm, for high-potential professionals who want to know and articulate their thrive-worthy career.
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Our #thrivist students

Watch a couple of our amazing success stories...

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"I was in a rut in my career. Everything else in my life seemed to be in order, so I knew I was ready to get this right, too.

I was able to see my personality and realize nothing is wrong with that! I can develop what I have and allow others to see it and understand it as well.

This was an absolutely amazing experience. The transformation has been phenomenal--now I know exactly what I want to do."
Garcy B, Atlanta, GA
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"I was waking up a 4 a.m. with tons of ideas rolling around in my head.  I could have easily gotten another job doing what I had done previously, but I knew I wanted more.

I had the time, I had the means, and I had the motivation to find what I wanted to do for the rest of my days.

Thank you to Tracy and the team at Thrivist. I am extremely happy with my results.
jose f, Dallas, tx
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"I felt stuck... more stuck than a car in a Colorado snow storm.  I was in the wrong environment, in the wrong job, and and really feeling the pain of that.

You can try to do this on your own, but you won't have the right questions to really get yourself clarity.

Reaching for help and finding that clarity, helped me prepare for MY moment--  I now have the tools to really capitalize on the discoveries that I've gained."
Libby L, Denver, CO

What's included with "Deluxe"?

The "Discover" program is a life-changing, online workshop designed by Founder, Tracy Timm, for high-potential professionals who want to know and articulate their thrive-worthy career path.

Here's what you'll experience in this program:

Weekly Instruction Videos

Every week you will complete a handful of exercises designed to help you make meaningful strides toward career clarity.

Invaluable Career Insights

Weekly lessons and exercises will help you narrow your focus to only the most ideal career paths uniquely suited to you.

Certified "Thrive Guides"

Your live instruction and support will come from one of our three trained and certified "Thrive Guides," including Founder, Tracy Timm.

7+ Years of Proven Curriculum

Our trademarked career clarity system, The Nth Degree®, has helped hundreds of students (just like you!) discover their ideal careers.

Constant Community Access

Participate in our online forum, share ideas, increase connection, and get helpful insights from your classmates.

Total Help and Support

Between your Thrive Guides and the supportive Community of your peers, you will never feel "alone" in this process.

Course Lessons

OUR amazing instructors

Meet Your Thrive Guides!

Michal Sennett

Thrive Guide and Chief g.s.d.'er
Michal is an experienced leader and coach who has worked in a variety of industries in diverse roles. She has been a part of the fast-paced Silicon Valley startup culture, as well as worked for one of the largest domestic airlines focusing on employee engagement and project management. She thrives working with people to help them unlock their true potential. She loves eating her way through travel adventures, meeting new people, and spending time with her husband and Labrador Retriever. 

Priscilla Knapp

Thrive Guide and Chief celebrator
Priscilla has a diverse background that ranges from the performing arts to non-profit management. She has professionally performed on stages from Shakespeare to musical theatre. Additionally, she has served as the creative arts director for an international non-profit and enjoyed helping the young & young at heart develop their talents through character building arts programs. She will tell you that her favorite job is serving as the Chief Culture Officer of her family, composed of her husband and two sweet little ones.

Still wondering if this program is right for you?

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Meet the founder

Tracy Timm

Since 2014, I’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of people just like you-- go-getters, high-achievers, and clarity-seekers. Our students go on to finally do work they love that pays what they're worth.

My goal is to change the world by helping more people come back to life at work. I believe that if we're all unlocking our purpose and unleashing our potential, the impact we can have as professionals is massive.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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