Congrats on your purchase!

All of the files in your program are just ONE CLICK away...
but make sure you're ready to hit "download" with these TIPS:
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  1. Make sure you have enough STORAGE space for 12GB of files and be PATIENT-- downloading may take several minutes.
  2. When you click "Download Your Files Here" you'll be directed to a Google Drive page-- click "Download Anyway" to download files.
  3. The folder you are downloading is a ZIP folder-- you will have to UNZIP it to access the actual program videos and exercises.
  4. DON'T FORGET to SAVE your files somewhere handy on your computer or hard drive-- they won't be online much longer!!
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That's it, Thrivist!

Once you download your files, start by accessing the PDF titled "READ ME FIRST"
for more instructions on how to get started.

Congratulations, and enjoy THRIVING in your career!
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