Praise for Thrivist Career Clarity Programs

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Considering going back to school?

Meet Priscilla K. from
Dallas, TX

"This program, The Nth Degree®, saved me 10 years and $70k AND helped me find a career I LOVE in just 6 weeks!" -Priscilla

Priscilla dodged two major bullets- $70k of tuition AND 10 years of work/school- and landed the job of her dreams in just 4 weeks!! FOUR WEEKS! Listen as she and I talk about her journey to discover her ideal career, eliminate uncertainty, gain clarity, and pursue her dream with confidence.
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"I felt stuck and completely unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and career.
[This program] gave me the best clarity I have ever had on what I want to do. Feel more motivated to, and focused on being action oriented and making my career into what I want."
Jordan D., Charlotte, NC
"I felt stuck in my career. I had a job I was not passionate about in an industry that was sucking the soul out of me. 
I have mastered my core values and am able to talk with confidence about what my next steps in my career are. I have grown my network and have achieved a toolkit for how to continue this success and grow it even further."
Rachel G., Dallas, TX
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Worried you'll "never find work you love"?

Meet Nichole G. from 
Seattle, WA

"I'm doing my SOUL's work!" -Nichole G.

When Nichole came to us, she was completely stuck in a career she hated. In fact, she spent so much time pretending to like it that she was really doing TWO jobs, and exhausting all the time. Today, Nichole is living and working in the job of her dreams. She had discovered a career that is personally meaningful and will allow her to make an impact on the world in a way that best utilizes her talents and skills AND make great money at the same time.

"Thank you, as usual. You and this program have been something so far that has been positively changing my life forever for the better."
Sean G., Southington, CT
"I've never been this happy. Without you, I don't know if I would have ever come to this place where I am so incredibly happy!"
Chelsay C., Phoenix, AZ
Know 'something's missing' but not sure what?

Meet Patrick M. from
Kansas City, MO

"Working with you helped totally transform me from burnt out to looking forward to work every day." -Patrick

Patrick was in a conundrum-- on the one had he really enjoyed the subject of his work (engineering) but on the other hand he disliked almost everything about his working situation. By systematically looking at every component of his career and comparing each one with his values, skills, and personality, we were able to find the right environment for Patrick to apply his love of engineering (and earn a $12k raise in the process!).
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Before this program, I was approaching my job search in a counterproductive way. I would spend countless hours trolling job boards and racking my brain in hopes that the “dream job” would magically hit me over the head.

In this program, I was encouraged to take some big steps back. We really tapped in to who I am and what experiences I’ve acquired along the way to create an ideal professional environment in which I could thrive.
Sam S., Miami, FL
As the owner of a start up consulting firm, I was in a stage where I needed a strong sounding board. Someone to turn to for guidance and support.
This process guided me to a life-altering revelation that has impacted me in ways that are hard to describe. As someone who struggled to feel satisfied in anything I did, this resets my mindset to something I can grasp and be happy in enjoying.
Andrew L., Dallas, TX
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Ready to finally "own" your career path?

Meet Megan M. from
San Francisco, CA

"This was the highlight of my decade!" -Megan

When we first spoke, Megan admitted to a life-long bad habit that was negatively impacting her career-- not taking responsibility for every single step along her path. We taught her how to take ownership of her career by deeply understanding her highest professional value. She was able to land a gig, on her own terms, just 6 six into working together.
This career clarity approach doesn’t really allow for any kind of hindering filter. Feeling super comfortable being totally authentic regarding impatience, my need to target the destination and be there (forget goal setting) was helpful in that we could move through those things in an honest way, and tailor the approach to feel aligned.

This is more than a job seeking initiative! The process
 will encourage you to be real with yourself, ultimately empowering you to discern more confidently what you want, and what irrelevant stories your telling yourself that stand in your way.
Audrey R., Boston, MA
For 5 years, I had felt unfulfilled in my job. I was frustrated that I didn't feel that I was any good at what I did, and I didn't know what to do about it. I didn't really know what I WAS good at, in order to begin to make a change. 

This process helped me discover an 
environment that would be ideal for me. So many characteristics of mine that I saw as negative were now viewed as strengths. What I thought were personality traits that I had to overcome or suppress in order to be successful were now exactly what would give me that success.
Jennifer O., Dallas, TX
Want to get your career off to the 'right start'?

Meet Kabrella C. from Cincinnati, OH

"You CAN have it all!" -Kabrella

Despite not knowing where she would find the funds, Kabrella had a desire for answers and the optimism that she could and WOULD make this work. At only 25, she took the proactive, intentional, and positive action of saying "YES" to investing in herself and her professional future. Throughout the program, she discovered clarity and confidence she had never experienced before.
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My confidence prior to this program was at an all time low. I was able to renew the confidence I had prior to my job loss in mid 2020 and actually build on it. 

I have identified what makes me happy and alive in a career setting. This program, if you are willing to put in the time and effort, will guide you to a better understanding of yourself and a path toward fulfilling work.  
Stacey S., Chicago, IL
Before this program, I wanted to have a plan and a clear path forward. I wanted to stop going in circles. As a type A person, the "what ifs" were driving me crazy.

This structured process helped narrow my focus in my job search. Now, I'm happy and certain about that choice. I'm confident in the direction I'm going and not lost anymore.
Anika H., Denver, CO
Curious how your career impacts your relationships?

Meet Priscilla and Thomas from Dallas, TX

"Loving my work has helped our marriage." -Priscilla 

When you hate your job, it's highly unlikely you realize the burden that fact places on other people-- especially the people you care about the most. Instead of ending your day energized, you come home depleted. Listen as this amazing couple explains how they made the decision to change careers as a family and how having work they love has changed their lives for the better.
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